Create a Covering Letter

Your covering letter is your opportunity to make a great impression on a hiring manager and help get your application to the top of the pile.   Should your covering letter be creative and full of personality or more formal?  Whichever way, your covering letter should reflect the right tone to fit the culture of the organisation you are applying to.  Below are some hints to help you write that attention grabbing covering letter.

Keep your covering letter to just one page and four paragraphs, ensure you tailor each letter to each company/position you are applying for.


  1.  Do your research on the organisation and the team you are applying to and its culture.

  2.  Know the name and title of the person you are applying to.

  3.  Research current trends within the sector.

  4.  Learn about any competitors.


  1.  It goes without saying to include your name, address, and telephone number.

  2.  Include the name and title of the person you are addressing the letter to.

  3.  Start with a hook that is a brief introduction.

  4.  The body of the letter should be why you are applying, what interests you about the position, grab their attention!

  5.  Use the body to convey some of your personality, this is another chance to sell yourself and show you know about the organisation.

  6.  Make sure to request an interview.


​    1st.  This should be nice and short and made up of:

              a)  Why you are writing.

              b)  The position you are applying for.

              c)   How you found out about the position.

    2nd.  This should be about you and you should:

                a)  Expand on your CV with relevant skills.

                b)  Use your notable achievements and explain a bit about them and how they could benefit the organisation using phrases                              and words that are in the job description.


    3rd.   This is where you finalise how good you really are:

                a)  Show your knowledge of the organisation. 

                b)  Give some detail about why you want to work for the organisation.

                c)  Let them know how you can help the company, adding to their success. 

                d)  Tell them how you fit with their company culture.

     4th.   This is your closing short paragraph to include;

                a)  A call to action by them or yourself.  Do not be afraid to say you will call them next week to schedule an interview but                                   equally you can just request a call back.

                d)  Thank them for taking the time to read your letter and CV.

                e)  Sign off with 'yours sincerely'



We hope  you've found this page useful