Employee satisfaction, easy to achieve when you know how...

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

On average 15% of staff that feel valued are happier and more productive in the workplace.

So how do you implement staff happiness into your business model?

So, what’s the answer?

Invest in employee satisfaction, people are you biggest asset, it costs more to replace an unhappy employee, not only in money, but time too. So, keep the staff you have happy

Recognise your staff for a job well done, how you do this is up to your business, wether it’s a pat on the back, an employee of the month award, promotion, pay rise or a team night out.

Listen, if an employee knows they have a voice that can be heard, they feel their opinion matters. Take your staff seriously, start an anonymous feedback box or frequent meetings with line managers.

Training is key, empower and believe your employee can and will do a great job, after all you’ve trained them to do just that!

Maximise their potential and ensure they are in the right role for their skills, if not offer a better fit

We spoke to Ben Bolt, Managing Director of Utility Point in Poole he states;

“We invest in our employees. Before Covid-19 we held after works drinks, Christmas parties and were organising a Summer family day. We now are bringing in alternative strategies, by adding Nintendo Switch games consoles into the shared areas, along with pool tables, to enhance the lunchtime downtime. We offer progression and training through the company and are going to launch a training academy soon.”

Workplace environment is key. We’re not talking Google offices, however a little will go a long way. A well-lit office with natural daylight along with access to refreshments comfortable staff areas. A better workplace = happier staff = achieve greatness together.

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