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Prepare for your Interview

Congratulations if you have secured that interview!  Prior preparation is key, it will help you keep yourself together and perform at your absolute best.  The interview shows the recruiting organisation that you are the best fit for the position and is your chance to shine.  We have compiled some tips for getting you prepared and hopefully landing you that great job.

1.  Research, research, research!  You will have already done some prior to submitting your application.  Look into the organisation's                 current projects, news items and clients.  This will show you know what the organisation is about.  This might also give you some                 understanding of a career path that may be open to you within the organisation.

2.  Will you need additional support or items for your interview?  You may need materials or special access to be arranged, if you do                 make contact with the organisation and tell them what you need.

3.  Plan your route to the interview location, if driving check for roadworks or other hold-ups that might delay your journey.  If travelling         by public transport keep a check on train times and any possible rail engineering works that may be planned.  If you are using a bus,            you can download the free Bus Checker app  which is a great app for giving real time bus times, route maps and stops.

4.  Think about the questions you might like to ask if they are not covered in the interview, visit our Interview Questions page for some              handy tips.

5.  Plan your outfit if you do this in advance it will help you focus on the above.  It may also save you having a panic on the day of your             interview.  Most job interviews are formal unless the dress code says otherwise, you can ask the question beforehand to help you               prepare and show you have the industry or organisation understanding.  Either way wear and outfit and shoes you feel comfortable           in, so you feel relaxed and not uncomfortable.

6.  Make some notes to take with you, list your skills from your CV that were key points in the job description.  Re-read the job description       too and any notes you have made about the organisation from your research. Some key points will help you in the interview and you         will not appear to be reading from a script.

7.  Get a good night sleep the night before, you do not want to be sitting trying to stifle yawns.  You will feel refreshed, be focused and             alert to handle the questions you are going to be asked.