Preparing Answers

You have created a great CV and bagged that interview you are probably feeling nervous which is understandable as we are only human after all.  We have prepared some of the questions you may face and given some advice on how you might answer or prepare.


1.  How did you hear about this role?

     Be positive and let the interviewer know that you may have had to search for it, or did you look at this company as one you would           really like to work for if so, you can elaborate on this. If you searched let them know why you opted to apply for this role


2.  Why are you looking to leave your current organisation?

     Try not to be negative here, you may be looking for new challenges to stretch yourself.Focus on positive reasons for the change.


3.  What would you bring to our organisation?

     Ensure you have done your research on the company culture, competitors, news items and answer with confidence.Think about how       you would fit into the role and the company, do you have any uncommon transferable skills or a real passion for a project.You could         give an example of a time you whet over the requirements of a project.


4.  What are your strengths?

     This is a great opportunity to enhance what you have put on your CV. Be concise you can also include some personal strengths too.


5.  What are your weaknesses?

     Here you can show that you are self-aware try not to be too hard on yourself or too critical. You can say how you have improved on         any weakness you feel you have.


6.  How do you cope under pressure?

     The interviewer is looking to see how you handle various situations at work.Think about previous situations where you have been              under pressure and how you have responded positively using communication skills, adaptability, problem solving, time-                              management and organisation skills.Look at using the STAR method.

                           S – Describe a Situation you have been in within the workplace.

                           T – Explain the Task and what was the goal.

                           A – Provide details about the Action you took to solve the issue.

                           R – Conclude with the Result of your action.


7.  Talk me through your CV.

     This is your opportunity to enhance what you have in your CV in terms of skills, education, and any gaps in employment.Do not be           afraid to be honest about any gaps, most employers are understanding and prefer honesty.


8.  Why are you interested in working for us?

     Having done good research, you will know where the company is heading, align yourself with them, your own goals, and interests as         well as the companies.You could slip the name of the organisations CEO, other senior manager, or competitors to show you have             done your research.


9.  What is your biggest failure?

     Be positive and honest here but focus on how you recovered especially if you were able to fix the failure either alone or as part of a         good team working together.

10. What is your greatest success?

       Choose something relevant to the role and/or organisation that you have achieved in a past role, something that will resonate with           the interviewer.


11. What motivates you?

       Again, you could say something that is relevant to the role and/or organisation, but do not say money!Show you are an enthusiastic         employee.


12. Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

      Be ambitious but keep it realistic.If you are going in at entry level, you could see yourself leading a team or department.For                        management roles you could be aiming to reach Head of a Department.Again, do your research and see how others have                            progressed within the organisation to give you an idea of opportunities that may arise.


13. Are you prepared to travel?

      This is not just about going to and from home to the place of work, it may be overnight stays and distance travel.Be honest, you do          not want to end up in a role that takes you away from home if you do not really want that.


14. Would you be prepared to relocate?

      The organisation may have multiple business locations and you may be expected to relocate further down the line.Think about if              you would be prepared to do this.


15. Are you prepared to work evenings, holidays, or weekends?

       You should try and be as accommodating as you can if you really want the role.Show some flexibility but if you cannot work out of             regular office type hours then be honest and give the reason why but emphasize your time management skills whilst you are on               the job.


16. What questions do you have for me?

       It is usually a forgone conclusion that you will be asked this so be prepared.You could ask about the organisations culture, the                   culture within the team you might be working with.You could also ask about a specific project you know the company is working               on.Be engaged with your interviewer and leave them with a positive impression of how much you want to work within the                           organisation.