political interview

Interview Questions 

You are coming to the end of the interview and the hiring manager asks you if you have any questions you would like to ask.  This is your opportunity to glean more information about the company and the position.  We have compiled below some questions we think are worth asking to help you get the best from your interview.


1.  What brought you to work for the company and what do you enjoy about working here?

     This question gives an interviewer an opportunity to talk about themselves and perform a sales pitch on the company.  It gives you

     information on what motivates your future colleague and what the company might offer.  We are sure many hiring managers                       would love to tell you about their work.

 2.  What might some of the challenges about the role you are applying for be?

      This will show you are already imagining you are in with a chance and shows you know that no job comes without some challenges            and that you are going to be prepared to deal with them.  The answer could give you a better insight into internal processes, internal          politics etc.

 3.  Would I have to undertake any training before starting the position?

      Most organisations will have an onboarding process for new employees, but some roles may require mandated regulation                            training.  This will give you the opportunity to research the training further prior to starting should you be offered the role.

 4.  What is the culture of the company?

      The answer should tell you more about whether you are a good fit and are comfortable with the culture and dynamics of the                        company.

5.  How long did the previous person stay in the role and what is staff turnover generally like?

     This will tell you about the general staff turnover, possible room for promotions or side steps in the company and the role.  This                 might give you a red flag about the organisation, lack of training and difficult management.


6.  Can you tell me more about the team I would be working with?

      This will tell you a bit more about the structure of the organisation, who you would be responsible to or for and how well you                      might fit in should you get the role.   This may also give you the opportunity to say what experience you might have had working                within a similar team.

7.  Can you tell me what the next steps are?

      This should give you a benchmark of when to expect to hear back and what the next process might be, such as a second round of              interviews with other management or supervisors.