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Darren Taylor

Managing Director

Darren Taylor brings over 30 years’ experience to the Recruitment Team at Staffed UP.
"I am really looking forward to sharing our work ethic and customer focused team with other business in the Dorset and Hampshire area, who need an affordable and dedicated Recruitment Agency”


Naomi Stewart

Recruitment Manager

Naomi is a Recruitment Manager for Staffed UP, she has 14 years of recruitment experience.

“I work hard to understand both clients and candidates’ requirements and pride myself on my honesty and the hard work I apply to every recruit."


Ellie Yarwood

Marketing & PR Executive

Ellie is the Marketing & PR Executive for Staffed UP.
Ellie prides herself in being the ‘go to’ person to ‘get things done’.

“I believe in honesty and integrity for building genuine connections. I deliver Staffed UP’s ethos, personally and via social media to advocate the exceptional team and ethical company."


Olga Taylor

Recruitment Specialist

Olga has been Staffed UP official ‘Matchmaker’ since 2019!
Olga loves applying “the onion theory” to get to know people, she says "it’s a really rewarding for both parties when it’s a match!” 


Jessica Simpson

Specialist HR & Recruitment Executive

Jessica is an experienced Senior Recruiter and HR Specialist for Staffed UP.
Jessica says “Many skills can be learned - but morals, personality and culture cannot.”